Silver Circle - Black Garlic Vodka/Bloody Mary Hot Sauce

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We've teamed up with Parva Spices to create what we believe is the ultimate Bloody Mary kit! With this pairing of 2 specially made products and a carton of tomato juice you can create something incredibly special at home.

Our small batch 'Black Garlic Vodka' has been distilled with smoky lapsang souchong and toast. Yes, toast. The garlic itself has been roasted for weeks which removes the heat and leaves it with a sweet yet umami flavour with hints of balsamic vinegar.

For the spice and seasoning elements, Parva Spices have created '11am Bloody Mary Hot Sauce'. The ingredients include chillis fermented in cider vinegar, celery salt and vegan friendly Worcestershire sauce. Believe us, it's straight out of the top drawer.

And there you have it, the ultimate Bloody Mary kit. Just add tomato juice!

Black Garlic Vodka:

Batch 1 - 40% ABV - 50cl

11am Bloody Mary Hot Sauce: